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“Saluting Our Hometown Heroes" is a weekly acknowledgement of individuals that have  answered the call to serve.

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Saluting Our Hometown Heroes" , Veteran’s, law enforcement  professionals (prison officials, hospital security officials. And maybe even YOU.

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About Us
Garfield Turner,
Program Director
WKZK’S purpose is to establish name awareness and build traffic for local organizations, ministries & businesses in our community. 

Impact WKZK’s audience will take advantage of our advertised products because we advertise wholesome products that are geared especially to the total concept of our Christian audience. This concept contributes to our dedicated listening base.
WKZK’s staff consists of dedicated individuals who are committed to the cause of spreading the “Good News” of the gospel.

Clean Content - You never have to worry about your commercial running adjacent to or within programming that has questionable content. WKZK is always safe for the entire family. Which would you rather have, numbers or customers? There are two ways to look at advertising. You can try to reach the largest possible audience without regard to who is in that audience or what type of consumers they are, or you can target your advertising to an audience that support your business, has disposable income, and will respond to your advertising.

THE WKZK DIFFERENCE Active Audience– WKZK listeners appreciate the family-friendly programming that we provide, and they are always willing to “vote” with their dollars for businesses that support a radio station that is safe and fun for everyone in the family.

Efficient Targeting - By reaching a quality audience that responds to your message, you get results for much less money than advertising on other stations, newspaper and definitely TV. That means you can reach that valuable audience with even more frequency! To make your ad dollars work harder for you, contact WKZK right now! After all, why spend big bucks on big ratings when you can spend less and get customers in your door!
Brother Flash Gordon In The Morning
6:00AM - 9:30AM
Monday - Friday
Robert "Flash" Gordon is your WKZK Morning Drive Host!
Robert “Flash” Gordon While in high school, Gordon met popular WAUG announcer Mal “Your Pal” Cook in Augusta, who encouraged him to study at a good radio school. He graduated fom the New York School of announcing and Speech and began working at WAUG partime.  The rest is history! Flash wakes us up in the morning and out the door at the iconic WKZK "THe Spirit" 103 7FM and 1600AM - 6:00AM to 9:30AM, playing the best in Gospel Music!!!!
Robert "Flash" Gordon
Trish Auguste, Mid-Day Spirit Host
10:00AM - 1:00PM
Monday - Friday
Trish grew up in Old Town, Maine and is an army brat. She majored in
Journalism at ASU. She likes travelling, documentaries, and rescuing
stray kittens.
Trish Auguste, Mid-Day Spirit 10:00Am to 1:0PM will make you luch taste better and get you through your day.
Trish Auguste